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Our passion, your experience.

Our ethos is simple, we believe the best designs for Hi-Fi amplification were completed in the 50s and 60s.

We want to bring these designs back to life, to allow you to experience the warmth and presence of these amazing amplifiers.

We pride ourselves on our transformers. We spend hundreds of hours designing, winding and testing our transformers to be the best you can buy. Putting them into these amplifier designs enable us to show how our transformers shine in these classic amplifiers.

We provide fully built and tested amplifiers and also full kits to allow you to make your own. We also have a range of kits and components.

To that end we start off with the best single ended amplifier, the Mullard 3-3 in stereo form. 

We are part of Primary Windings Ltd. We have created this website as a full imprint of that company. Based in the UK, we design and manufacture all our own transformers and assemblies in house in Chichester.

Our address is:
61 Windsor Road,
PO19 7XG

T: +44 (0) 1243 908032.

We have been designing superb high quality transformers for many years, so you can rely on us for fantastic and friendly customer service and support. Any questions about these amplifiers or our extensive range of transformers are warmly welcomed.

Primary Windings Ltd is a full member of the Made In Britain campaign. We go to great lengths to support local businesses in producing our designs. Wherever possible we use components and materials made in Britain.