Mullard Stereo 3-3 amplifier full kit


The Mullard 3-3 in stereo in kit form.

Considered by many to be one of the best single ended amplifier designs. The Mullard 3-3 is in a class of its own.

Our amplifier is here as a full kit of high quality parts for you to make your own amplifier.

Available for European or US mains voltages. Please ensure you select the correct mains option when purchasing.

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  • 10 working days to build, test and ship.

A full kit of parts to make your own amplifier

This is the complete kit of parts for the Mullard stereo 3-3 amplifir

For those who love to make their own and have the satisfaction of seeing and hearing their own work.

We use our own superior transformers, made by us in the UK. The mains transformer is vacuum impregnated and has a full copper screen to reduce mains bourn rf interference.

The output transformers have been designed with multiple sections to increase their high frequency response and help provide a fantastic stable amplifier.

The method of winding and type of steel employed in the output transformers enable a superior low frequency response down to 20Hz.

Elegantly designed using 2mm welded aluminium with a high gloss black finish.

High quality valves included

Two Russian EL84’s, two EF86’s and an EZ81 rectifier valve are included in the price

The EL84’s are supplied in matched pairs.

The EF86’s have gold plated sockets

All sockets positions are clearly labelled on the chassis.

2mm aluminium pre-cut chassis

The chassis is provided fully punched for all components.

It has a great high gloss black finish.

PCB and all components

The kit includes all components:

PCB and PCB kit of parts, all valve sockets, hardware, transformers, switches valves and wire.

Everything required to make this kit

Includes a detailed construction manual.

A photo of the complete kit is on it’s way.

Power 3.5W RMS
(Into 8 Ohms, 1KHz)
0.4% 1W
1% 3W
Frequency range 20Hz – 30KHz
(Gain set at maximum)
100mV for 3W

These documents are in PDF form so you will need a suitable reader.

Here is the full schematic for the amplifier kit:

Mullard stereo 33 schematic

The full kit instructions are here:

Mullard stereo 33 kit instructions

The owners manual is here:

Mullard stereo 33 Owners manual


Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 250 × 300 × 170 mm
Mains voltage

European, US


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