Mullard stereo 3-3 PCB and components kit

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Our high quality PCB kit for the Mullard stereo 3-3 amplifier.

Includes all components (excluding valves) and instructions to complete the PCB.



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This is the same high quality PCB that we use in our stereo amplifier. On this PCB is mounted the two EF86 valves and most of the components for a stereo amplifier. This kit comprises the PCB and a full set of components. Also included are a set of instructions on how to build the PCB.

All components numbers and values are clearly marked on each bag.

Includes all components including the very high quality Belton gold plated valve sockets.

All you need do is supply a rectified, smoothed DC, a heater supply for the EF86’s and wire up the output valves and and output transformers to make a truly fantastic amplifier.

Power 3.5W RMS
(Into 8 Ohms, 1KHz)
0.4% 1W
1% 3W
Frequency range 20Hz – 30KHz
(Gain set at maximum)
100mV for 3W

These are pdf document, so you will need a pdf reader to look at it.

Here is the schematic of the PCB within a typical stereo amplifier:

Mullard stereo 33 amplifier schematic

The full build instructions are here:

Mullard stereo 33 build instructions

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